clampit's meat market

wlecome to our custom meat market


Step into the heart of flavor at Clampit's Country Kitchen & Meat Market, where we take pride in offering the finest beef, pork, fish, and lamb you'll find anywhere in Arkansas. But that's not all – we roll up our sleeves and handcraft 20 different kinds of sausage along with a range of specialty items.


Whether you're hunting for the perfect cut of meat, artisanal cheeses, or delicious cold cuts, we've got your cravings covered.

our owners exclusively offer stockyard beef


Joey Clampit, our dedicated owner, has made it his mission to deliver unparalleled excellence in food quality. As part of this commitment, he proudly stands as the exclusive carrier of Stockyard Beef in the entire state of Arkansas. This 100-year-old beef program ensures the delivery of upper 2/3 Choice and Prime Angus Beef – and you'll discover it right here at Clampit’s!


planning a cookout?


Look no further than Clampit's Country Kitchen for the best choice of meats and other fixin’s. Our friendly staff is here to welcome you with a smile, treating you with the respect you deserve. Do you have questions about the cuts or need some grilling advice? We're here to chat and ensure your cooking adventure is nothing short of amazing. Come on over, and let's make your meal memorable!